Two Wire Head Mount Transmitters

Description :

Since the signals generated by thermocouples or resistance sensors are low on emf and resistance, they can be transmitted over a short distance using compensating and three wire cables, without the loss of signal strength and accuracy. However, to transmit signals over very long distance without loss of accuracy, Two Wire loop transmitters are widely used. The low level signal converted to 4-20mA current output can be transmitted over long distance using a pair of normal copperwire. Accuracy of output current shall be independent of the lead resistance and length of the cable. The transmitter, fits directly into standard terminal head both weather proof or Ex-proof.

Application :

For converting thermocouple or Pt-100 or resistance signal to equivalent 4-20mA signal for long distance transmission.

Technical Specification :

Input Thermocouple, mV, Pt-100 or resistance signal from displacement, position or level sensor.
Output (4-20)mA, two wire and loop powered (calibrated linearly to the input signal)
Calibration On site using ZERO / SPAN presets
Loop Supply 12 to 36 VDC
Loop Resistance 600 Ohms @ 24 VDC (Loop supply dependent)
Loop Continuity Using built-in red LED Indication
Mounting Standard weather proof or Flame proof head.
Operating / Storage 
0-70 degree C. Max. /0-50 Degree C.      Max. @ 10-85 % Rh (Non-Condensing)
Size 44 dia x 26 ht. mm.