Magnetic Level Indicators & Switches

Mahalaxmi make magnetic level gauge consists of a float chamber, a float and an external indicator assembly. The float chamber is basically a column of 2" or 2.1/2" NB pipe with process connection to suit that of storage ta nk. The float moves up and down inside the float chamber as per the liquid level. Contained inside the float is a very strong and powerful ring magnet.

Follower Type: A borosilicate indicator glass tube and scale assembly is attached to the outside of the float chamber. Inside the glass tube is a red coloured indicator containing a magnet. When the float moves up or down, due to magnetic coupling the red colour indicator also moves along with that indicating the liquid level.

The Roller Type: Indicator consists of a series of magnets which are coloured red on one side and white on the other side. As the magnetic float passes the magnets rotate through 180 degrees to show the other colour-red indicating liquid space and white vapour.

Non-Invasive Switches: In this case the electric contacts are actuated by the magnetic float when it moves as per liquid level. These switches provide a low cost, reliable alarm and control action without making additional cut-outs in the vessel. The externally adjustable mounting arrangement make it easy to adjust the set point or service the switch anytime without interrupting the process.

Salient Features :

  • No Power Consumption . Will not be affected by power failure.
  • A level transmitter or magnetic switch can be installed and adjusted without disturbing the process.
  • 360 degree magnetic-flux field provides constant interaction with roller assembly in turbulent liquids.
  • Roller channel and outer housing is of black powder coated aluminium. Outer housing in stainless steel as optional.
  • Rollers are of glass filled Nylon / ABS plastic.
  • Rollers move on Delrin bush bearings. Delrin is a self lubricating type material and hence movement will be frictionless, thus ensuring long life.
  • Front window is of crystal clear acrylic.
  • Acrylic windows has a U-gasket i.e. double gasket-gasket on top & bottom side ensuring perfect sealing on both side.
  • Compact, rugged and field proven.
  • In our level gauges the primary magnet attached to float is 360 degree rare earth. Rare Earth magnet has an unusually high energy output and is highly resistant to demagnetization, they will not demagnetize at high temperatures like ceramic magnets.

Application :

  • Applicable in environment with high temp., high pressure, strong acid, strong alkaline and hazardous locations.
  • Multiple applications for textile dyeing, sewage water processing, power generating, boiler and petrochemical industries.

Technical Specifications of Mahalaxmi makeMagnetic Level Indicator

Type of Indicator Shuttle Follower / Roller Magnets Bicolour / Direct
Float Chamber Material Stainless Steel 304 / 316 / PVC / PP
Float Material Stainless Steel 316L/Teflon coated SS 316L / PVC / PP

Follower Type :

Follower Glass Tube Borosilicate
Indicator Red Coloured Float (Magnet encapsulated)
Glass Tube Protection Aluminium Channel / Aluminium Pipe

Roller Type :

Bicolour Indicator Red on one half & White on other half.
Roller pivot Delrin Bush
Roller Magnet Housing Powder Coated Aluminium Channel / Stainless Steel 304
Window material Crystal Clear Acrylic.

Scale Black Powder Coated Aluminium / Acrylic / Stailess Steel 304, engraved Markings &  numerals.
Process Connection 3/4" ASA 150 Lbs flanged as Standard. Other connections as per customers' specification.
Mounting Side / Top Mounted
Center to Center Distance between
flanges: 500, 1000,1500 mm Or as per request. (Max. 3000 mm)
For Top mounting. Please specify tank height.
No of Electric Contacts High, Low or Both High and Low.
Type of Contacts Adjustable externally throughout the range.
Operating Temperature Please Specify.
Operating Pressure Please Specify.
Specific Gravity of the Fluid Please Specify.