Float & Board Type Level Indicator

Salient Features :

  • “MAHALAXMI MAKE” Float & Board Type Level Indicators are used for accurate Liquid Level Gauging of 􀃶xed roof tanks storing oil, water, solvents and other products. The units are designed for simple, easy installation for “Tanks-in-Service” or “ Tanks - out - service” and to provide a maximum of trouble free service.
  • The Indicators are specially recommended for application requiring a low cost, low maintenance method for liquid level gauging and where operations necessitate accuracy to 25 mm +/-.
  • The Indicators are 􀃸oat - operated with a steel target that runs vertically up and down, registering tank contents on a calibrated board that is mounted outside of the tank for quick convenient readings.

Mterial of Constructions :

  • The sturdy design and stainless steel construction of the float is resistant to the corrosive effects of petroleum products and assures a long dependable use.
  • In addition to the float assembly, the 􀃸oat cable, guide wires and Indicator target guide wires are of Stainless Steel. The target assembly and fitting are of galvanized steel. The Gauge board is constructed of aluminium and has bold, legible markings in MM or CM with easy-to-read numerals every MM or CM.
  • Stainless Steel gauges are also available on special order. The Level Gauge is also available in PP & PVC construction for HCL tanks.