Digital Programmable Level Controller

This instrument has 2roweach of 4 digits seven segment display with decimal point programmable. This unit is having programmable higher and lower scale limit according to requirement. This instrument comes along with 2 relay output which can be programmed with the help of programming keys on front plate.

Optional : Extra 2 relays i.e total 4 relay outputs OR Retransmission of 4-20mA.

Front Plate of MLI - 144 Contains :

  • Upper Display: Indicates the process variable (PV).
  • Lower Display: Indicates either mA or % selectable.
  • Program Key: Press & hold for 5 seconds to enter into edit mode to change the value of a parameter .Also works as enter key.
  • UP Key: Scrolls up through menus/parameters or increases the parameter value when in edit mode.
  • Side Shift Key: Shift to the next digit in edit mode.
  • Escape Key: Works as back key or Exit.
  • RL 1 Indication: When Relay 1 is 'ON', a red LED labeled 'RL1' glows to indicate it.
  • RL 2 Indication: When Relay 2 is 'ON', a red LED labeled 'RL2' glows to indicate it.
  • RL 3 and RL 4 Indication : Optional.

Specification :

Display 2 Row 4 Digit Seven Segment 0.5”
Led Range Programmable by Front Key
Input 4 To 20 MA
First Output 5 Amp. Relay Contact
Second Output 5 Amp. Relay Contact
Third Output 5 Amp. Relay Contact (Optional)
Fourth Output 5 Amp. Relay Contact (Optional)
Retransmission 4-20 MA (Optional)
Control Action Programmable
Fault Indication Open Sensor, Over Range and Under Range Fault Indication on Display.
Hysteresis Programmable
Accuracy +/- 0.25 %
Calibration By Software
Size 96 X 96 X 110 mm
Supply 90-240 VAC 50 Hz.