Data Loggers

Humidity and Temperature Data Logger

Supply 90-260VAC or 24VDC /-10%
Input 1 Humidity (4 - 20)mA or inbuilt sensor
Range Humidity 0.0% Rh – 99.9% Rh
Input 2 Temperature (4 - 20)mA or inbuilt sensor
Range Temperature -9.9°C - 60.0°C
Display 1 Humidity 3 digit 4” 7 segment Red LED display
Resolution 0.1% Rh
Display 2 Temperature 3 digit 4” 7 segment Red LED display
Resolution 0.1°C
Logging Optional Data logging using USB Pen Drive
Size 350mm X 330mm X 70mm Approx
Housing Stainless Steel or MS Powder coated
Mounting Wall mounted and clamps for Hanging

Two Channel Temperature USB Data Logger

Design Microcontroller based design
Supply 90-260VAC
Inputs 2 channel (up to 8channel) Universal (Thermocouple J, K, R, S, T, N) and PT100 or (0-20)mADC, (4-20)mADC, (0-5)VDC, and (0-10)VDC
Range up to full range
Accuracy +/- 1°C or +/- 0.2°C (Linearization)
Lower Display Lower display shows time and channel number one by one
Control Fully Digital Calibration through front keyboard
Calibration 3 digit 4” 7 segment Red LED display
Calibration protection Password protected calibration against unauthorized change.
Certificate In house Calibration Certificate Provided.
Fault Indication Open Sensor, Over Range and Under Range fault indication on display
Size 96mm X 96mm X 110mm
Panel Cutout Size 92mm X 92mm
Panel Housing ABS Plastic
Data Logging Data Logging using USB PEN DRIVE.
Log Interval User settable 1-99min.
RTC Internal Real Time Clock Calendar with Lithium Battery backup.

This Indicator comes with USB Host port. User can connect USB PEN DRIVE to USB port, Data will be logged in to USB pen drive with regular interval (settable 1 to 99minutes). Every Day and every inserting of pen drive new .TXT file will be created and save in pen drive with current date and time in file name.

8ch USB Data Logger

Supply 90-260 VAC
Display 3 X 8 digit seven segment led display + 4 digit for RTC.
Sensor RTD PT-100 / 3 wire or Thermocouple.
Temperature Range 0°C to 999°C or specified
Accuracy +/- 1°C
Calibration Fully Digital calibration through front keyboard.
RTCC Inbuilt real time clock calendar with lithium battery (RTC Back up min 10Years).
Data Logging Data logging through USB PEN DRIVE with regular LOG INTERVAL.
Memory Depends on USB PEN DRIVE capacity (2GB pen drive = > 1month)
Size 96mm X 192mm X 110mm (H X W X D).
Enclosure ABS Plastic.
Mounting Panel mounting.