Cable Suspended Float Switch

"MAHALAXMI" make cable float switch is a control device for filling and discharging pumps, motor and magnetic valves. It is also an alarm device at certain pre-determined surface levels. It is suitable for use in non-flammable liquids at 250 volts. In dangerous enviroments (e.g. wells and pumping stations) we recommend 24 V voltage. In potentially explosive atmospheres (e.g. oil tanks) the Switch can be used in conjunction with (Ex) i-isolator switch units. Due to its large float casing the float Switch has a buoyancy which guarantees smooth, trouble-free operation under all conditions. The switch has double chamber and a final remoulding finish to make it absolutely hermetic.

Installation :

Cable Float Switch is simply placed in the liquid so that the float follows the movement of the surface. The switching height differential is adjusted by moving the weight along the cable. The differential is minimum, when weight is nearest to the float. If the viscosity of the liquid is high, we recommend an extra weight on the cable.

Technical Information :

Switching element micro switch
Life of Switch 1 Lac Operations
Rated voltage 250 VAC
Rated Current 10 Amp at 230 VAC Res
Optional 15 Amp at 230 VAC
Pressure rating 2 Bar
Heat rating 70 degrees C.
Standard Cable length 5 Mtrs (Max. 20 Mtrs)
Float material Polypropylene (PP)
Cable insulation PVC
Protection IP 68